Team Kammer Jammer

by Kamri Hassey

Supporting: Pittsburgh Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh

My Team: Team Kammer Jammer



During this unprecedented time that we are living in, many things have changed but the Down Syndrome Community continues to be STRONG. For this fact, we are incredibly thankful to be “The Lucky Few."  

Over the past 6+ months, we have spent more days at home, under lockdown & with limited visitors. So not the normal Hassey lifestyle - but we have adjusted and found our groove.

David often says…."if you are going be stuck at home - everyone should have "The Jam" to be stuck with!"

Kamri fills our quarantine days with laughter, smiles, gratefulness, and hope. When we lose track of how many days we have been home, she is jumping for joy knowing she gets to spend another 24hrs with her entire family. 

Whether it is trying to keep up with her big brother (Kylar), shepherding over her baby brother (Kaejay), or our new favorite "Hi Dad!" shout outs she says during the day (now that David works from home) - you can't help but be grateful for this time together.

So as we set forth for our new "Virtual Buddy Walk" in 2020, we are asking for support.  Break out your Kammer Jammer T-Shirts and walk with pride knowing how much you impact our baby girl and the entire Down Syndrome Community by:

-Donating to our Team Kammer Jammer Page to help support the Down Syndrome Association

-Join us in our driveway to purchase dinner on the day of the Buddy Walk (October 3rd) from 5pm -6pm as the La Palapa Food Truck (Voted Best Mexican Restaurant in Pittsburgh) with a portion of their proceeds going to the Down Syndrome Center. 

Most importantly, know that David and I are always ready, willing, and able to speak with anyone walking through the unknowns of a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Kamri truly has made our world look different in such an awesome way.  While like any parent, our days can be long and stressful but I guarantee if you give this specific group of kids a chance, you will be amazed at how far their little hearts can reach. 

Thank you for taking time to read this and always being our support. We are so blessed to have friends/family like you!