Graceful Grace

by Maureen Gabert

Supporting: The 27th Annual Pittsburgh Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh

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Our little Grace was brought into this world on January 9th, 2018. We had received a prenatal diagnosis at just 12 weeks. The world turned upside down as we saw it. Scared of the unknown and grieving a child we thought we would be blessed with. Those early doctor appointments were filled with dread, sorrow and anxiety. What were we in for? How? Why? I remember the doctor telling us of the life she may have, how resources are better now-she could thrive. But, she could also suffer so he gave us a choice. They were doubtful in her survival in my womb. I was given a short timeline on what to decide. I went to a dark place, how could a mother choose something like this? The doctor appointments continued. I remember meeting with the geneticist in which she told me “don’t be surprised if you don’t hear a heartbeat, I want you to be prepared.” Words I will never forget. I was closely monitored my entire pregnancy. I was robbed of an enjoyable, exciting time and was left to hope my little girl would make it day by day. By the grace of God, she was ready. Her arrival was 3 weeks before her due date-she was that excited! She was beautiful and strong. Her innocence and pure love and joy radiates out of every aspect of her perfect being. She is love. She is Grace. What a blessing she has been and I feel so incredibly honored to call her mine.