Braelynne’s Brigade

by Marcie Orso

Supporting: The 27th Annual Pittsburgh Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh

My Team: Braelynne’s Brigade


Campaign has ended.


Please come celebrate (or simply donate to the organization) our spunky lil Braelynne and all her homies with an extra chromie ☺️

This campaign helps to raise $$ towards our local Down Syndrome Center here in Pittsburgh.

This organization has been instrumental in helping us and many families like ours who are blessed to have a family member with an extra 3rd 21st chromosome-  known as Trisomy 21 / Down Syndrome.

They provide support and guidance to families like ours who are trying to navigate through all the uncertainties of the diagnosis.  Their professional & knowledgeable staff is filled with optimism, which brings relief and peace, easing the anxiety of the unknown one is embarking upon.  Our family is so thankful for their services and guidance as we welcomed Braelynne into the world and our family.  We pray that the chosen few to follow will feel the same love and support as we have.